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Bujinkan Martial Arts Dojo with two locations, central Tucson and Vail, Arizona.

Tucson Bujinkan Dojo was started in 1984 as a shibu affiliated with Peter Crocoll by Eric Barfield.

The Bujinkan arts are based on relaxed natural movement, distance and timing as opposed to speed or strength. For centuries these arts have proven to be ideally applied to defense of self, others and community. They change and adapt readily to modern conditions and also foster character and personal growth.



Instructors and Black Belts


We train in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in Tucson, Arizona. 

Eric Barfield / Juichidan

Eric Sterns / Judan

Brian Eller / Godan

Rohan Morajkar / Godan

Simon Smart / Yondan

David Oliver / Shodan

William Madson / Yondan




Classes for adults are held weekly at various locations around Tucson. Bujinkan is martial art, so a waiver is required for anyone participating in training. Current rates vary per instructor but a monthly membership is offered. Contact us for location or to observe a class.

Ninja Kids

Ninja kids classes are an introduction to martial arts for ages 5-10. We focus on taijutsu-based movement that is play intensive. We don't teach punching, kicking or other assault-based movements until students have developed the appropriate level of maturity. Classes are $5 and are held at a mid-town location twice a month. Contact us for more information.




Upcoming Activities & Events in Southern Arizona: 

- Mt. Lemmon Clean-up Coming 2018